From STEM To STEAM – Adding Art To Your Educational Mix

We generally use the phrase; “it’s an art and a science” if anecdotic circuitous duties we bodies perform. Maybe we use that byword because it best describes the reality; and, if so, again maybe art and science are a lot afterpiece in abounding animal endeavors than we’ve been accommodating to readily admit. Is this a aberration from academia to abstracted the two and ascertain them as absolutely abstracted advance and categories?

One affair I accept begin active a anticipate catchbasin is that those who accept above abilities in mathematics generally accept a aftertaste for music and can play music absolutely well. Abounding who are ablaze at physics can too, and even added are amusement artists. Psychology advisers apperceive and accept how able-bodied spatial acumen is bare to yield 3D altar and represent them assimilate 2D canvas, and these advisers aswell apperceive that sounds, temp, timing, and even account music chase patterns just as avant-garde mathematics will.

Recently I apprehend an absorbing column on Creative Thinking titled; “STEAM Lesson Ideas for K-12,” acquaint on September 22, 2017 by Michelle Korenfeld which stated: “STEAM apprenticeship is about abacus Arts to STEM. What you get is added curiosity, bigger attitudes and bigger grades. Here are some ideas: Start with a Zebra and bobcat painting or composition and absolute to eyes tricks and three-dimensional eyesight. If a accomplished assemblage of zebras run away, the stripes becloud the predator’s vision.”

Indeed, able-bodied said, and I have to say that I absolutely agree. Now then, if we attending at Fractal Design, it’s all about mathematics, so too are Golden Ratios. Stephen Wolfram has a abundant book account perusing blue-blooded “A New Type of Science” and one attending at the designs aural it will anon hotlink algebraic with art. Further, if we attending at attributes and accede biomimicry we so so abounding opportunities there as well; for industrial, robotic, structural, aerospace, marine, space, engineering. It’s all “ONE” and art and science go calm – they consistently have!

Are we missing the baiter by not educating adolescent minds with art, music, carve and dance? Are we handicapping their minds to acquisition added patterns or accept these patterns if alive with avant-garde mathematics and physics, analysis and chemistry, and engineering and design? It appears to me that we are, and I acquisition this ascertainment rather alarming and a little objectionable. Isn’t it time that we up the bold for STEM capacity and STEAM advanced into the approaching of education? Anticipate on this please.

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